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What Information Should I know Before Applying to a Travel Therapy Job

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Congrats!  You are at the point of the job process where you are being submitted to an assignment.  NOW, time to know what you should know before you apply to a job. The core things that I want to know about a job before I apply are:

  • The pay rate (hourly pay + stipends + any bonuses)
  • Location/Setting (The geographical location of the assignment, type of setting and name of building)
  • Duration of assignment (13 weeks, 9 months, etc)


Why should you know this information up front?


Because it is a waste of my time and the time of the colleague that I am phone interviewing with if I am not satisfied with one of those core items (money, setting, location, duration) and I interview anyway.


Here is a breakdown of what I want to know BEFORE I submit to a position and why:


1. Money


Money, money, money.  It is a driving force for what we do, where we work and how we live.  Travel therapy jobs are a bit different than permanent positions in that the pay for the position is readily available prior to submitting to a job. I hear that people interview for jobs without knowing a pay package and I think to myself, why?  If the money is not where I want it to be why would I ever submit to a job.  I never submit to a job without knowing an anticipated breakdown of the pay package.


2. Location/Setting/Facility Name


Knowing the location, setting and name of the facility is an important part of determining, whether or not you want a job. Between google, online forums and word of mouth; there is a lot that you can quickly learn about a building before submitting to a job or not.


This can get a little tricky because of middle man involved in some of the larger SNF contracts. Occasionally in larger SNF chains or vendor management serviced groups a facility name may be kept private even from recruiters; but they would know the name of the rehab agency (i.e. Rehab Care, Aegis, etc) and the location of the building.


3. Duration of assignment


Do not assume that a medical travel therapy assignment is always 13 weeks and a school assignment is always 9 months.  Find out the duration before you submit.


A note on scheduling:


A facility may have a scheduling requirement that they put in their job submittals.  Perhaps it is that they want their travelers to work a Sunday – Thursday schedule or rotate weekends, etc. I always ask my recruiter if the assignment is a Monday through Friday, is requesting weekends, etc.  That may not always be known prior to submitting so I also tend to ask during the phone interview as well.


Hopefully this piece helped to answer some of your questions regarding “what should I know before I submit to a job”.  If you are working with a company/recruiter who is already providing you with this information up front – awesome!  If not, I urge you to talk to other companies and find one who will. Knowing this information up front saves you from being submitted to jobs that you would not be interested in otherwise.



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