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5 Ways to Make Your Temporary Housing Feel Like Home

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Homesickness and missing home can happen during travel assignments. As a traveler, you really don’t have a ton of space or time to bring boxes of your favorite things from home. Here are my suggestions for a few, small things, that you could bring with you on assignment to make your temporary housing feel like home!

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1. Bring Magnets For Your Fridge

It is hard to justify packing any apartment decor to beautify your temporary housing space. I mean, who has that room to spare? When you have limited space to pack, small things can go a long way. Consider bringing your favorite magnets on assignment to put on your fridge. They take up little space, but can be a big reminder of home!

2. Real Photos

In the digital world, it is easy to access photos on your phone or computer. Who really needs to print photos nowadays? Think about printing a few prints or making a collage book to bring with you on assignment. If you make prints, you can hang them with your magnets on your fridge! Also, you might want to try a digital picture frame, which can loop multiple pictures from a memory card.

3. Cozy Up With A Favorite Pillow Or Blanket

Bedding from home can make your temporary apartment feel instantly cozy and like home. Bringing a pillow, a fleece throw blanket, or even a comforter (if you have room) can make you feel more comfortable in your new lodging and might even help you sleep better.

4. Drink From Your Favorite Mug

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, you may have a morning ritual that involves drinking out of the same mug. If that’s you, don’t forget to pack that mug and wrap it up well so it doesn’t break while moving. Having the same coffee routine in the morning can help start your day on a positive note.

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5. Spice Up Your Kitchen

If you like to cook, you may be wondering what to pack for your new kitchen and what to leave at home. My recommendation is to bring along your spices! Spices are contained in small bottles and are relatively easy to pack and move. At five dollars or more a bottle, they can be expensive to buy and time consuming to look for in stores. As a chef, you may feel lost without your go to spices by your side when you start to cook up a fresh dish.

Those are my tips for making your temporary space feel more like home. I would love to hear more tips from you! Comment below to tell me what you do or bring or make your travel lodging feel like home!

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