San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica round 2: Beginning a new trip with old memories

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Never saw this one happening so fast, but it did.  After spending almost a month in Costa Rica last year I was dying to come back to Central America and explore more countries.  In planning a trip to Panama, I soon realized the easiest way to start this trip would be to flying in San Jose and catching a small group tour over the border to Panama, so here I am; back in Costa Rica.

It is very bittersweet to back in San Jose because I have very mixed memories of the last time I was here.  Last time I was in San Jose I was in the middle of a break up with a partner that I lived with and had been with for over 3 years.

I look back at myself 9 months ago when I came here the first time and I feel like I looked like a very distant version of myself.  I was confused about who I was and where I was going in life.  I was trying to figure that out and learning Spanish in Costa Rica seemed like the perfect place to do that.  I needed an escape and I found it here.

Looking back at the pictures from the first trip to San Jose I remember how I was barely brushing my  hair, not wearing make-up and wearing baggy clothes for no reason.  I was trying to make myself feel smaller and unnoticed; which had a lot to do with my confidence and feeling of self worth at the time.  I met a small group of friends at spanish school who pushed me into adventure, listened to my endless chatter, made me laugh and inspired me to go home being a better version of myself.

CR 2015 proudly holding my Spanish diploma

In many way last year was a trip of new beginnings versus endings.

Anyway, fast forward 9 months and I found myself very bittersweet about returning here. While I have ultimately good memories about my last visit I was skeptical to return here and see all of the places that I associate with so many memories at such a transitioning time of my life.

In the 23 hours that I have been here the “full circle” effect is live and well.  I came here with my friend Kristan and we walked and chatted and giggled for hours last night and yesterday.  We walked by all of my old stomping grounds and instead of feeling sad I felt alive and happy to be sharing those places with somebody new.  I am definitely seeing San Jose in a new and brighter light.

Smiles from San Jose 2016

To new beginnings…



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