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Extended Stay America Discount: Up to 50% Off Any Length of Stay

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Need an Extended Stay America discount? Use AEEMP. This code is good for up to 50% off stays greater than 30 days at participating hotels.

For traveling therapists or traveling nurses, finding housing can be a challenge. Searching for apartments online, placing deposits, plus starting and stopping utilities can be extra work and stress at an already stressful time. Extended Stay America offers everything you need in temporary housing, for one payment!

At an Extended Stay America hotel, you can have all the conveniences of home, along with the ease of staying at a hotel! It’s the best of both worlds.

You can use Extended Stay America promo code  AEEMP to book online and save or use this link 

All The Conveniences Of Home – Including A Kitchenette

One of the things I dislike about staying at a hotel is not being able to cook. I value eating healthy and saving money by eating at home.

This is NOT an issue at Extended Stay America! ESA hotels come with a full-size fridge (not a mini)! Rooms also include silverware and home goods, so you can cook like you’re at home.

No Lease Needed!

Contracts change and get canceled. By staying at an Extended Stay Hotel, you don’t have to sign a lease on an apartment and have to deal with issues if there is a change to your contract. Sleep with ease knowing that you are not tethered to a housing lease.

Utilities, Including Wifi!

Having to set up and disconnect utilities as a traveler is a hassle. The fees for setting up cable and disconnecting can add up to a couple hundred dollars per assignment. Extended Stay America hotels come with all of your utilities INCLUDED in the price of your stay. This includes electric, cable, and wifi.

FREE Grab-N-Go Breakfast and Coffee

Imagine waking up to free coffee and breakfast every day! You can during your stay at ESA! Save money for food by taking advantage of an included meal daily during your stay.

Weekly House Cleaning Services

Housekeeping service can cost upwards of $150/week in a normal rental apartment. At Extended Stay America hotels, you get that included with your stay every week! Get fresh towels and a room cleaning without lifting a finger.

Pet Are A Go!

Traveling with your furry friend can add stress to finding housing. At Extended Stay Hotels, you can bring your fur baby along with you for an extra fee. Don’t worry about leaving your pets behind while traveling, Extended Stay American has a home for them!

Self Laundry Service On Site

You don’t have to leave the hotel to do your laundry, and you don’t have to pay outrageous hotel fees either. You can do your laundry yourself at the coin-operated units on site.

Enjoy Bonus Extended Stay America Hotel Amenities!

Select Extended Stay America hotels include upgraded hotel amenities, such as a pool, hot tub, and fitness center!

Extended Stay America has everything that a traveler needs! You can feel at home while enjoying your assignment. 

Have you stayed at an Extended Stay America? Share your experience and tips!

Use the Extended Stay America discount code  AEEMP in the link below to save on your next stay.

Fine Print for Extended Stay America Discount

  • Exclusive Code: AEEMP
  • Offer: Save up to 50%
  • Booking Window: 4/23/2024 to 4/30/2025
  • Stay Window: 4/23/2024 to 10/30/2025
  • Terms and Conditions: Up to 50% off at participating hotels. Offer good for one reservation booked online at ESA.com by midnight ET 4/30/2025 with a check-out date on or before 10/30/2025

28 thoughts on “Extended Stay America Discount: Up to 50% Off Any Length of Stay”

  1. What does “up to 50% off” mean? When I put in 30+ days, the highest percentage deducted is about 38% — never reaching 50% off.

    Can you explain how to actually get the 50% off on 30 days?

    (This was done on April 2, 2019 using code “MD9R5.”)


    1. The “up to 50%” is dependent on the location/property of the hotel. Some locations will offer 50% and others offer less. It seems like your location is less than 50%. You could check other Extended Stay America hotels in the area (if it’s an area with a lot of Extended Stays, like San Francisco) to see if another location offers a higher percentage off.

    2. In addition to my previous comment – the most recent code for the up to 50% off is MA9T5. You may want to try that one as well. It seems like you were using a different code.

  2. Hi there!

    Will there be a new code posted on or before 6/30/20 which will extend into December? I’m looking a bit early still but I’m trying to stat for 97 days from early September to early December so sadly this code doesn’t work for me as the check out date must be by Halloween ):

      1. Hi Julia!
        looking to book for 30 day stay this week. Are there any codes avaliable for 50% or sny percentage off right now?

        1. Hi, the current code in this piece, MAZTT is the one that’s good for up to 40% off, that’s the best offer I have.

    1. Yes! Need to book online though to use these codes. You could also try to call the hotel directly and negotiate with the manager, but that wouldn’t be a promo code.

  3. Hello! I love your blog and following you ha really helped my decision to switch to travel therapy! Is there a code that works currently for ESA?

  4. Hi, the code TVL50 is showing as invalid on the Extended Stay Hotel website. Is there an updated code we can use to apply this discount?

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