Gift Ideas for Your Traveling Healthcare Professional

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Have a traveler in your life that is hard to shop for?  Join the club! We are not easy group to buy gifts for as our lives are very mobile and keeping “stuff” to a minimum is in our benefit.
That being said, travelers tend to have specific hobbies and interests that keep us occupied on the road. Knowing and asking a traveler specially what they want is a great way to narrow down the search and avoid buying stuff that we may have difficulty fitting into our packing situation.
Still stuck? Here are some ideas of what to get that special traveler in your life…

1Gift Cards

When I asked 8 of my best travel friends what a good holiday gift is for travelers they unanimously responded “Gift Cards!”

Gift cards are awesome because they take up almost no space and allow us to buy exactly what we need in our lives. Gift cards for Amazon, Target and other large retailers can help us buy stuff we need for moves and every day use.

You can personalize gift cards for your traveler based on their likes and interests. If you know that they like outdoor adventure try an REI gift card, for the coffee lover: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, for the making up lover: Sephora and so on.

A gift card to an airline or hotel chain is perfect for those travelers who also love to travel in between assignments and could inspire a new journey.

2. Tickets to experiences 

As travelers we love to experience our new locations, although it may not always be in our budget. Search for the location that your traveler is at and see what shows or activities are in the local area that your traveler may enjoy. This takes more research and recon work on your part, which can make it all the more meaningful to the traveler you are buying for.

Ideas include:

  • Tickets to concerts or theater performances: Try for ideas
  • Lift tickets to a ski resort
  • Snorkeling/diving/surfing excursions
  • Passes to a Yoga/Bootcamp/Exercise class

3. Subscriptions

As people on the move many travelers rely on digital subscriptions to help us from day to day.

Ideas Include:

  • Amazon Prime : $99/year which you can buy as a gift
  • Netflix  You can buy gift cards which can be redeemed for subscriptions
  • I-Tunes Gift Card:  which can be used to pay for subscriptions to services like Spotify (music) and games

4. Life Straw Bottle 

Life Straw Bottle

I want to call this the life saver bottle because it has helped me stay hydrated in the toughest of situations. This bottle is a staple in my life because the straw in the bottle filters water to remove 99% of bacteria and parasites.  The filter lasts for 1000L or 1 year.  I have used it everywhere I go from Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Panamá and across the US. I have filled up this bottle with water from falls in Yosemite and got to experience the crisp taste of mountain water with out the worry of infection.


I think it is a great gift for a traveler because we are always on the move and never know what our water source may be at our next location or on the road. We may not have room to carry a bulky water filter for our refrigerator, but still want filtered water. Having a filter built right into my water bottle has saved me from buying countless plastic bottles and has also saved me from carrying water weight on many of my hikes.

5. Mobile Chargers

An example of a mobile charger from Anker

Mobile phone chargers are great for people on the move. If we have a long flight or drive mobile chargers can help us to stay charged and connected with out an outlet nearby.

Mobile chargers can run between $10-$40 depending on the amount of devices and charges that they provide.  They can be purchased almost anywhere from pharmacies, grocery stores to Amazon and other major retailers.

6.   Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speaker

A large sound system is bulky and hard to travel with. I never traveled with a sound system until I got a small wireless speaker and it has brought a lot of joy into my life.  A small wireless speaker can be easy to pack and produce a loud sound.

The picture displayed is of the Cambridge Sound Works, which is the #1 best selling wireless speaker on Amazon for $27.99.

Any other ideas of what to buy for the traveling healthcare professional in your life?  Post them in the comments! 🙂 Happy shopping this December!


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