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Hawaii Travel Healthcare Assignment: Is it for Me?

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Hawaii is an island paradise. For some people, it can be the dream travel assignment.  For others, it may be better left as a dream vacation. Taking a travel assignment in Hawaii is not as simple as hopping in your car and driving to your next job. It takes planning, money and the right fit to enjoy a travel assignment in Hawaii.  Here are some things to consider to determine if a travel assignment in Hawaii is right for you.

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The Aloha Spirit

The aloha spirit is not a saying, it is a way of life in Hawaii. Having the aloha spirit means that you think and act good towards others.  It is a way of life and the culture of the islands. If you don’t live and practice aloha, you may find yourself having a hard time adjusting to work and life in Hawaii.  


Along with the aloha spirit, knowing and respecting the culture of Hawaii is an important part of living and working here. Respect to the land, people and spirit of aloha are all important factors to the culture of living and working in Hawaii. There is a distinct Hawaiian culture, as well as a melting pot of cultures from around the world. Hawaii is a diverse place, if you welcome others, they will in turn, welcome you. 

Hawaii is proud of its heritage and as an outsider you need to be respectful of the culture, land and the history. It is also a melting pot of many cultures from around the world. There are large Filipino, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese populations. Being respectful to the culture, history of Hawaii, different cultures, and to the land, is an important part of living and working in Hawaii.

Bring Two Bags at Maximum

When you speak to travelers in Hawaii, it’s common to hear people say that they flew here with whatever could fit in two bags. While technically you can ship your stuff over the Pacific, the point of the two bag story is really that less is more in Hawaii and culture is more minimalistic.  

You can come ready to work with five pairs of scrubs, a couple of bikinis and light clothes for your days off.  No need to pack heaps of outfits and shoes. Your wardrobe may seem a bit boring and on repeat, but it’s functional. You will find yourself in the same casual attire day after day.

The Price of Paradise

It is expensive to live in Hawaii. PERIOD. Poverty and homelessness is a major issue across the state. Not to mention, families deal with a harsh financial climate and multiple generations will live in one house. Solar panels are used to produce electricity and AC costs a fortune to run. In addition, food at the grocery store may cost double the price that you are used to on the mainland.  

If you are a traveler who is only interested in making money, DO NOT come to Hawaii. Repeat DO NOT come to Hawaii. The bill rates offered by hospitals are not high. After a hospital pays the cost of electricity, food, and footing the cost of uninsured patients, there is not a heap of money being earned. Many of the hospitals in Hawaii are struggling financially. If you have a lot of bills to pay or a high mortgage at home, Hawaii may be a better vacation destination than a contract.

Outdoor Adventure

Hawaii is full of adventure! From the beaches to the mountains and everything in between.  If you are a beach bum, hiker, surfer, photographer or just plain adventurer, you will fall in love with the endless outdoor activities on the islands.

Island Time

Things move a bit slower on the islands. If you are somebody who needs something done immediately, or likes to move fast, you may find some frustration in Hawaii. Instead of stressing for things to move faster, embrace the slow paced island life.

Being in the Middle of The Pacific

On the map of the US, Hawaii looks like it is a hop, skip and jump from California. If you have not been here, it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Hawaii is approximately 3,000 miles from the coast of California. A flight to LA takes around 5.5 hours and a direct flight to Atlanta or Newark takes around 10 hours. A roundtrip flight to the west coast may cost anywhere upwards of $500 and upwards to $750 to the east coast. It is not cheap or easy to get from Hawaii to the mainland.

Needing to attend family or personal engagements that require you to be at home may be difficult in Hawaii. If you think you may get homesick or miss family, this is also not an ideal assignment.

Did you read this and decide Hawaii is an assignment for you? 

If yes, then read on! I have plenty of tips on what to packhow to find housing, and how to find transportation.  ALOHA!

2 thoughts on “Hawaii Travel Healthcare Assignment: Is it for Me?”

  1. I’m not a health care professional, but I still found lots of value in your post. I didn’t know about the aloha culture and the less is more approach to life. I remember visiting as a busy New Yorker and being frustrated at the slow pace. Haha! For me, Hawaii is a wondrous place to visit, but not somewhere where I’d live. Thanks for your tips!

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