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You Know You are a Healthcare Traveler When….

June 29, 2017
Woman hiking on a ridge in Hawaii

You Know You’re a Healthcare Traveler When:


  • When somebody ask you “where are you from?” they better get ready for a five-minute story because it is as never as simple as saying 1 place.


  • You have told yourself that you can do anything for 13 weeks.


  • You have counted down the days until the end of a contract


  • You are a pro at car Tetris


  • You have private health insurance or have signed up for COBRA at least once


  • Your travel pictures are the envy of your friends and family online


  • It is impossible to get your friends together at one place or time because they live all over the country


  • Your voicemail is full of messages from recruiters about “an amazing job opportunity”


  • You have a collection of employee name badges from buildings across the country


  • You do not know how to write your resume since you have worked in at least 15 buildings in the past 4 years


  • “Tax home” has meaning to you


  • You know the pain of filing multi state taxes


  • You own an RV (or have seriously considered buying one)


  • You have taken a contract for at least one of the following reasons: the money, the weather or because you needed a job and it was there.


  • You have mastered the phone interview


  • You know multiple EMR’s and have strong opinions about them. When you hear “Meditech” you hope it is not the DOS version and you probably have a stance on RehabOptima versus Casamba.


  • You are a pro at drug testing. You probably have had multiple tests in the last year.


  • You suffer through multiple TB tests every year. (My highest was 4 in a year).


  • By the time you learn your zip code and way to work without GPS it is time to move


  • Mail is a headache


  • Every possession that you care about can fit in your car


  • You have mastered finding an apartment on AirBnB or Craigslist.


  • You are sick and tired of your family and friends asking when you are going to settle down.


  • Putting 25K+ miles on your car in 1 year is no big deal


  • You have suffered through the “travelers abuse” of getting a high caseload or the “bad” patients. However, that has likely helped to sharpen your skills and made you a better clinician.


  • You do not want to start working with another agency purely because the new hire/on boarding process is a nightmare


  • You do not understand how your peers can work with only two weeks of vacation a year.


  • Your birthday never gets on the calendar to celebrate at work, but it is okay because every 3 months your co-workers throw you a going away party/potluck.


  • Despite the ups and downs you cannot imagine your life any other way




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  • Reply
    Sheryl Aarhus
    July 1, 2017 at 5:20 am

    Said perfectly! The life of a travel nurse!

    • Reply
      Julia Kuhn
      July 2, 2017 at 7:25 pm

      Thank you!! 🙂

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