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How To Find a Travel Therapy Recruiter That Works For You

April 4, 2018

As a traveling healthcare professional, your recruiter is basically your personal agent. They are the ones who submit you to jobs and deal with any issues that you have on the job.  They will be your primary contact point for a company and will likely impact your experience with the company more than anything else. There are several hundred agencies and thousands of recruiters that staff traveling therapists.  So in a sea of thousands, how do you find a travel therapy recruiter?


Get a Personal Referral

Get a referral from somebody that you know.  If you work with any travelers, you could ask them who they use as a recruiter and who they recommend.  If you don’t know any travelers, you could crowdsource on social media. There are endless groups of healthcare travelers on Facebook that are giving recruiter recommendations on a daily basis.

Beware that what works for one person may not work for you.If a traveler refers a recruiter to you, make sure to ask that traveler about the recruiter. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Why work with this person?  Every recruiter has weaknesses, even the best. Ask that traveler questions about the recruiter and why they would refer him/her.


Get a Match From Nomadicare

Nomadicare is a company, owned by a veteran occupational therapy traveler, who vets recruiters and pairs them with travelers.  The recruiters here are not your average recruiters! Recruiters who have passed the interview and received the Nomadicare stamp of integrity will have gone through over two hours of interviews and vetting!

Nomadicare goes a step farther than matching you with recruiters. Travelers get matched with companies who meet their needs for benefits and have contracts in travelers desired locations.


Contact an Agency and Ask for a Recruiter

Perhaps you know that you want to work for a certain company, but you do not know a recruiter.  If you find a company that works for you, call their operator and ask to speak to an Allied Division Team Leader or supervisor. You can introduce yourself, state your needs, and ask to be connected with a recruiter.  If you do not feel a connection with that recruiter you can always call the manager and ask for another match.


Let the Recruiter Come to You

If you are reading this, you have probably been contacted by a staffing agency.  Staffing agencies are constantly finding us and trying to find us jobs. They are putting the work into connecting and filling jobs. If a recruiter contacts you via a cold call or email, give it a shot!  If may be the perfect fit!


There are thousands of travel therapy and travel nursing recruiters.  Finding one that works for you may seem overwhelming, but you can do it!  Whether you find them over a cold call, referral or matchmaking service, you got this!





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