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Jaanuu Review: Stylish Scrubs for Tall Lengths

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Finding stylish scrubs that are the right length has always been a considerable challenge as a tall woman.  At 5’9”, I find it hard to purchase scrubs for tall lengths that look and feel good! In some brands, the talls still fall a bit short. In other brands, the tall could drag on the ground or have a boxy look. Jaanuu scrubs are the perfect fit!  The sleek, modern design combined with great fit for long lengths make them a wardrobe staple!

Why Are Jaanuu Scrubs Great For Tall Lengths?

The skinny pant design creates a stylish, form fitting look.  The length of the tall skinny pant is a 34-inch inseam. The designs they carry in tall lengths, including The Skinny Pant, Moto Pant and Jogger Pant, are all form-fitting and not boxy!

Are Jaanuu Scrubs a Good Fit For All Sizes?

Absolutely! Jaanuu has a range of sizes to fit most women!  From XS-3XL and petite to tall lengths. Women of all shapes and sizes can feel beautiful, empowered and confident wearing these scrubs!

Are Jaanuu Scrubs Comfortable?

YES!  One of the surprising things about Jaanuu scrubs are how comfortable and breathable they are during the work day.  I thought that a skinny pant scrub might restrict my movement, but it actually feels like I am wearing a flexible yoga pant!  This is a dream come true!

What Else Sets Jaanuu Scrubs Apart?

Jaanuu is an innovator in scrub fashion.  The uniforms maintain comfort and functionality while breaking away from the mold of traditional scrubs.  The tops are form fitting and feature simple design details that stand out in bold ways. The pants are both chic and comfortable.

a women in black scrubs standing against a wall

Here I am rocking my Jaanuu scrubs.  I am 5’9” and normally wear a size 6 pant or dress.  I am pictured wearing “The Skinny Pant” in a size tall small and “The Pintuck Top” size medium.

a women wearing black scrubs
a women wearing black scrubs

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