Laura Explains: Part 1: How to Find a Travel Healthcare Recruiter

(Part 1) Laura Explains: How to Find a Perfect Travel Recruiter

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Hey, travel studs: It’s Laura Latimer from I’m the travel recruiter matchmaker for travel nurses and therapists (and a travel OT of 6 years!!) Whoop.

Laura Latimer: Found of
Laura Latimer: Founder of


You want to travel.

You heard of this world of FREE housing! FREE Licenses. GREAT pay. (Side note guys: nothing is really free- but we will save that topic for another day.)

“Sign me up,” you say. And you are pumped.

Next step:

You need a travel recruiter and a company to help you get your first dream job.

Then, as you start diving in, a few things could happen:

1. You accidentally sign up for one of those lead generation sites. Uh-oh. Now 60 companies have your phone number and your phone becomes their personal playground of practicing cold calls and leaving voicemails. Oops. Time to change your number.

2. You start looking into forums and review sites to get recommendations on companies. Wow, that’s a lot of data to sort through. How do you know who is right for you?

3. You go through (haha shameless plug!) That is Laura’s website where she connects you to only two travel recruiters that she actually interviewed and vetted for integrity. But even if you do this, it’s not a perfect science that these guys will be YOUR perfect fit.

So, this blog post is all about EMPOWERING you to know what to ask and how to sift through these companies and recruiters to find your dream team.

This is part 1 in a 3 part series.

Part 1 is about figuring out what it is YOU need.

You have to know this in order to even know where to start with these hundreds of companies. We all have unique needs and desires as we dive into travel and there will be a company that fits your needs. But unless you know what that is, you could be on the road to a frustrating start of your journey.

Grab a pen and paper.
Answer these questions.
Keep your answers nearby as you start interviewing companies.

Step One:

Prioritize your WHY and remember your journey will look different than Sally’s journey who is posting her pay on the facebook forums. We get a lot of half-truths/half stories online. By knowing deeply and concretely why you travel and what you need, you will be able to feel free to enjoy your own journey without the comparison monster creeping up all the time.

Traveling while thinking you didn’t get enough or that Joe Smoe got a better deal than you will lead to a negative energy which carries over to every area of your life. You want great vibes for your epic adventure and life!

Your why could be pay, or location, or adventure, or a journey to every winery in America. Whatever it is: own it, love it, and focus on that! Just know you can’t have it all. If you want the competitive locations, the pay will not be the highest- but you will be rocking life by a beach in San Deigo. Figure out what makes you feel alive and what you need in your journey right now. And don’t take the forums too seriously. Most of what I see in there may be well-intentioned but really does more damage than good. You could be sipping juice on the beach, not worrying about what someone else is doing on their travel journey and how it compares to you.

Once you know your why- write it down in big letters and get excited!

And then dive into the specifics and answer these next questions.
Seriously, write them down. Having this next to you will help you feel empowered as you start interviewing companies.

1. Where do you want to travel to? Pick 3 top locations.

2. Do you need insurance? Do you need that insurance to start on day 1 of your job?

3. Do you have certain medical needs to confirm it’s covered under their insurance?

4. Are you traveling with a true tax home and taking advantage of the non-taxed stipends? Or are you traveling with no tax home and need full taxed options?

5. If you are using company housing what is important to you?
* Do you need utilities included?
* Do you need furnished housing?
* Do you need gated communities and quality OR do you want money conscious living to have more take-home dollars each week?

6. Do you need 401k options?
Are you willing to stay with one company to get vested and matched in this?

7. Is having guaranteed hours important to you? How many is your minimum? (It’s rare to find 40 hours guaranteed).

8. Are you someone who rocks overtime hours? Know how much you are worth and confirm the company pays a fair OT rate.

9. Do you value a travel recruiter who is direct and fast paced or a relationship based and friendly recruiter? You get to pick! It’s a bit like dating, know what you like so you know when to say no!

Alright, sending love to you on your travel journey!

Answer these questions and you are on your way to your unique dream travel life and recruiter!

Stay tuned for part 2: Interviewing the companies.

Laura (Nomadicare) and Julia (The Traveling Traveler)
Laura (Nomadicare) and Julia (The Traveling Traveler)

xx Laura (The Recruiter Matchmaker)
Founder of
Lover of coffee and peanut butter

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4 thoughts on “(Part 1) Laura Explains: How to Find a Perfect Travel Recruiter”

  1. Great Post! I also learned that its a personality thing for me. If a recruiter’s personality is too intense or agressive it rubs me the wrong way. Most recruiters I have worked with I always felt like were my friends and our personailities vibed. 🙂

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