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What is MedBridge Education?

The Traveling Traveler has partnered with MedBridge Education to provide education and patient engagement tools for PTs, OTs, and SLPs. These tools are especially helpful for traveling therapists who rely on digital information to minimize their travel load and take CEUs from anywhere. So let’s talk about what is MedBridge Education and share why I use them as my go-to for CEUs/

When I began traveling in 2010, maintaining CEUs on the road was a struggle. I searched for courses in locations where I was and hoped that I could fit a course into my schedule. In the end, I took a lot of expensive, in-person courses and attending conferences that I didn’t benefit from clinically. I took them just because they were available at the time and in the place where I was located.

However, now the days of taking CEUs just because they “fit in my schedule” are over. With MedBridge Education, I am able to access an SLP CEU library of over 675 courses from anywhere I go. And MedBridge is not only easy to access, but they are high quality CEUs from some of the best presenters in the field.

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You can take MedBridge CEUs that directly benefit my patients 

With MedBridge, I don’t have to wait two months to take a course on dementia; I can take one online when I need it most.

When I started a home health job and needed to learn the Medicare OASIS, I was able to take 8 hours’ worth of courses right from the comfort of my home.

And the best part about MedBridge is that it’s affordable! You do not have to pay per class; you get a yearly membership at one low price!

With MedBridge Education you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price

MedBridge Education CEUs are top notch quality in my opinion. In fact, I recently went to an in-person conference and thought to myself “wow, I’ve watched far better courses on MedBridge than at this live event.”

MedBridge Education brings together the best minds in our fields to create high quality CEUs. With MedBridge.

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You can take your CEUS anywhere, anytime!

As a partner with MedBridge, I am happy to bring you discounted CEUs for SLPs, PTs, and OTs

With the MedBridge Promo Code “TravelTherapy” you can get the following rates for year-round CEUs:

  • PT/OT education subscription: $225 (regularly $275)
  • PT/OT premium subscription: $275 (regularly $325)
  • SLP education subscription: $120 (regularly $220)
  • SLP premium subscription: $170 (regularly $220)

Other MedBridge Benefits for Therapists (especially traveling therapists)

State License Tracking

When you set up your MedBridge profile, you can enter all of the states in which you are licensed. Then, when you search for courses, MedBridge will tell you if the course is eligible for CEUs in your states. This helps you avoid taking a course that might not be eligible for CEUs in your state, as different states have different requirements and it can be hard to keep track of them.

Ease of CEU Tracking

When you complete a course, you can immediately download a certificate of completion. Those CEU certificates are also kept online and easy to download at any time from the website. You don’t have to worry about losing paper certificates when you are moving and traveling.

Also, MedBridge directly reports your SLP CEUs to ASHA every quarter if you pay for the CE Registry. 

Live CEUs

Some states have requirements that CEUs need to be live, thus blowing the whole “online CEUs” out of the water. HOWEVER, many of these states, like California, will allow the CEUs to be via live webinars. In that case, MedBridge has you covered. They offer multiple live webinars each month in which you can participate in order to maintain your live credits. 

Digital Patient Engagement Resources

The last thing I want to carry from city to city as a traveling therapist are home exercise program handouts. 

MedBridge Premium membership has easy-to-build home exercise programs that are an extension of your practice therapy. They also have evidence-based education handouts covering pediatric and adult specialties across multiple settings.

The home exercise programs are easy to build from your computer with drag and drop functionality, pre-built templates, and smart search. You can send them to your patients via a HIPAA-compliant, online patient portal mobile app. Your patients do not need to pay for MedBridge to access the home exercise programs and patient education.

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