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MedBridge Student Discount: Use “TTStudent”

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If you are a student in PT, OT, SLP, or AT looking to move your training further and shine in your clinical work, a MedBridge Student Membership is for you! All you need is a .edu email address to purchase a membership. With the MedBridge student discount “TTStudent” you will save $50 off of an annual membership.

What is MedBridge?

MedBridge is an online continuing education and patient engagement provider for Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Nurses, and Physical Therapists. Students in these disciplines can also use MedBridge to further their education. 

MedBridge is unique because it has a library of thousands of online courses and resources that you can use when you need them. Unlike taking classes, where you have to wait for your professor to give you information, MedBridge has everything you need at your fingertips. 

For example, if you know you are going to have a challenging case in the clinic, you can review MedBridge to help you gain insight into the patient or treatment methods before you see the patient. 

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Use MedBridge Promo Code “TTStudent” to save $50 off your MedBridge Student Membership.

What is the price of a MedBridge Student Subscription?

Using discount code “TTStudent” a MedBridge student subscription is only $100/year. The discount code saves $50/year off of the membership.

What is included in the MedBridge Student Subscription Plan?

  • Continuing Education (although these are not eligible for CEUs)
  • Mobile App you can download
  • MedBridge Certificates
  • Microlearning 
  • Home Exercise Library
  • Patient Education 
  • Home Exercise Program (HEP) Builder
  • Orthopedic Exam Testing Guides 
  • Manual Therapy Technique Library 

What is NOT included in the MedBridge Student Subscription Plan?

  • Continuing education credits. You can take all of the courses you want, but you will not receive CE credit for them.
  • Students cannot share home exercise programs (HEPs) with patients. 

How Can You Purchase a MedBridge Student Subscription?

  1. Go to MedBridge here and click “Choose plan”
  2. Create your MedBridge login
  3. Enter your payment information
  4. The MedBridge Student Discount Code (TTStudent) will automatically be applied to your account if you go through our links.

Conclusions about MedBridge

MedBridge is an amazing tool that has helped me clinically to expand my knowledge and skill set. MedBridge was not founded yet when I was a student but I seriously wish it was. I struggled so much in clinical to keep up with my caseload and felt like there was so much I needed to know that my classes didn’t teach me. As a speech pathology student, I was working with dysphagia patients as a student before I ever completed a dysphagia class. It’s crazy to think about now, but yes, that really happened. I wish that I had this resource then, and am happy that students can use it now. I think many of you will find MedBridge to be a bridge that fills the gap between what you’re learning in school and what you need to know to succeed in clinicals.

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