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Travelers School: The Online Course for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

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Are you thinking about becoming a healthcare traveler but don’t know where to start? Imagine having all of the information laid out in front of you in an online course that you can watch from anywhere? Well you can! Veteran radiology travelers, Kim and Erran, have created an online course, Travelers School, that answers EVERY QUESTION you may possibly have about traveling professionally.  This is the most comprehensive online course for healthcare travelers that I have found!

Who is this course for?

Travelers School is for everybody interested in travel healthcare!  Nurses, therapists, and all allied health professionals! This is an online course for healthcare travelers that is for all travelers – from those who are just planning their journey to veteran travelers!  I took this course after 8 years of travel experience and still learned something new!

Why enroll in Travelers School?

This course, created by Kim and Erran, covers EVERYTHING that you have ever wondered about being a traveling nurse, therapist or allied health professional.  Their course offers an honest and highly skilled insight into the travel healthcare industry. Travelers School will be open for enrollment 3-4 times a year, so don’t wait to sign up! 

The course itself is divided into 7 topic modules, plus a bonus, with sub-topics shooting off of each module.  Kim and Erran have the course designed to complete 1 module over a 7 week span of time.  They have a private Facebook group where they help to guide you through the modules and answer questions. Each module includes 4 to 7 lessons on the topic. The lessons are between 10-30 minutes long, which makes them easy to watch and learn on the go. The 7 modules include:

  • Prepping
  • Pay Package
  • Find a Recruiter
  • First Steps
  • Negotiations
  • Housing
  • Traveler Tips
  • Bonus (RV Traveler Info, Healthy Travel Tips, Interview with a Tax Expert, etc)

In these topics, Kim and Erran are the key presenters.  They also bring in guest experts to speak on specific topics.  Joseph Smith, RRT, MSEA from Travel Tax, speaks on tax-related concerns.  Laura Latimer, OTR and founder of Nomadicare, does a special guest speech on working with recruiters.  

The course is priced at $799, which is a steal for the amount of high quality content available on the course!  It is not approved for any CEU’s. 

Why Kim and Erran?

Kim and Erran are a married pair of radiology travelers who have been travelers for the past 8 years. They started traveling after feeling stuck in their full-time positions in Florida. Working as travelers has given them the freedom to travel the country and the world.  

When watching the course, you feel like you are sitting across the table from Kim and Erran and chatting casually about life.  They have a calm and welcoming demeanor that makes them engaging to watch. They add snippets of their personal experiences into their education as well as the facts.  

Kim and Erran

Who Travelers School is NOT for:

This course is NOT for somebody who wants a quick answer to their questions.  There is over 8 hours of course materials in this course. This course runs over a 7-week period of time with a set number of modules assigned each week. This is not for somebody who wants to take a 1-hour course. While you can pick and choose what you want to watch, this course is designed for the more dedicated learner.  

This is also not for somebody who doesn’t like things told like it is!  Kim and Erran are honest, drink coffee and wine during the videos, and use some (small) profanities during the course.  They keep it very real!

What I Liked About Travelers School:

Travelers School is an all-inclusive course on travel healthcare.  This course can answer any and all questions that you have about traveling as a healthcare professional.  While the total course length is very long, the units and lessons are broken into short segments that you can watch easily when you have time.  

What I really enjoyed is that Kim and Erran first address prepping to be a traveler and who would make a good fit.  I love that they acknowledge that traveling is not for everybody. They make you examine your own WHY you want to be a traveler and if traveling is a good fit for you.  From the WHY section, they take you step-by-step down the journey from prepping to becoming a traveler!

The housing section offers so much insight into resources and ideas for finding housing!  “How do I find short-term housing?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that I read among travelers. This is a section that Kim and Erran have MASTERED and share their years worth of experience in the course. They discuss how and where to find housing, along with how to negotiate the price!

The course is also dynamic.  Since I began taking it, Kim and Erran have updated the modules to stay current with tax changes and added new content to the bonus section.  As the course grows, you get to grow with it! You have unlimited access to the materials once you download, so it is there for you to reference in the future.  

Do You Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about the course, please feel free to contact me Here or connect with Kim and Erran directly. Travelers School

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