Phone Interview Questions for Travel Therapists

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This is a bank of suggested questions for phone interviews that I have complied over years of doing phone interviews with various facilities and interviewers.  This is a rather comprehensive list, so before your interview determine what is important for you to know about a facility and your situation.

General Questions:

  • What is the start date?
  • What is the schedule ? (Monday-Friday, Tuesday-Saturday, etc)
  • Where is the facility located?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • How many hours per week is the position?Will I be expected to work any weekends?
  • What will happen if the census drops? Will my hours be cut, asked to float, etc?
  • Why is there a need for a traveler? (LOA, staffing shortage, etc)
  • What is the productivity expectation?
  • How many patients would be on a typical daily caseload?
  • What is the type of documentation system?
  • How much time will I have for orientation?
  • Will I have to use an iPAD, iPod, laptop etc? Will I get my own device?
  • Can assistants write weekly notes?
  • How many therapists are on the team and what is the breakdown of PT, OT, ST etc.
  • If time off is needed (assuming that you submitted the time off request with your application) Did you see I had requested ____ days off, would that be approved?
  • Will I have non English speaking patients? If yes, which language? Do you have Language Line or another interpreter service available for use?
  • What therapy materials will you have available for use? (Discipline specific items i.e. ST may ask about testing materials, etc)
  • Is PRN help available if census gets high?

Inpatient Facility Directed Questions:

  • What is the average therapy caseload at the facility across all disciplines?
  • How many beds are in the facility?
  • For SNF: What is the Med A vs Med B vs Managed vs Medcaid breakdown
  • What is the typical patient length of stay in your facility?
  • Will I have to float between buildings?
  • What will be expected of me in my non patient care time? (i.e. Team/care conference meetings, scheduling, etc)
  • Will there be a rehab tech to assist with treatments, patient transport, etc?

Home Health Directed Questions:

  • Average miles per day/week
  • What is the documentation system?
  • How many patients per day?
  • Will I get a cell phone and computer?

The phone interview is not a place to ask about money. That is a discussion between you and your agency, not between you and your potential job.

**Note that interviews may come in many forms. You will likely either be interviewed by the on site director of rehab or an upper management figure (i.e. District Manager, Area VP). If you have an interview with the director of rehab they will likely be able to answer more of your questions because they will be your immediate boss and work in the facility. Generally upper management interviews are only conducted in situations where there is not an active director of rehab. In my experience this happens when the building is changing rehab company contracts and the new company is trying to staff the building before the contract with the building begins. In this case the interviewer may not be able to answer many questions about the building because the building may be completely new to them.

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