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4 Reasons to Attend TravCon Even Though You’re Not a Traveler Yet

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Special thanks to Dylan Callier, DPT for sharing his thoughts and experiences from TravCon in this piece.

So you have heard about TravCon. You have seen the photos, and decided that you want to go! Only one thing is holding you back… You’re not a traveler yet! Here are 4 reasons to attend TravCon, even though you have not taken your first contract.

1) Relationships

From polite invitations to coffee, hugs from online pen pals, and a slightly intoxicated but charming woman telling you, “$5,000 a week MINIMUM because your worth it!”

The relationships that you make at TravCon are many and unique. Everyone is a traveler and because of this, you skip the first seven steps of meeting a new person and instantly become friends.

As a soon to be medical nomad, your network grows for travel questions, persons to visit in new cities, and requests to write a blog post.

Photo Credit: Laura Latimer, OTR

2) It is Cheap

This is the conference with the greatest Return of Investment. Period.

Here is my virtual receipt of the 5-day weekend:


TravCon Registration: $150

Newbie Boot Camp: $45

Room 5 days, 4 nights with 1 roommate: $270

Plane Tickets with Southwest (round trip from St. Louis): $270

1 Dinner and 1 Breakfast: $25

2 Coffees: $5.00

Total cost: $765


CEU’s: Depends on what state and which profession. I earned 9 total!

Dinners ($15 minimum per 5 Dinner’s): $75

Lunch ($10 minimum per 3 days): $30

Coffee (2 around $5 each): $10

Drinks: ???$$$ LOTS

Zip-Line on Fremont AND Drai’s Night Club AND Stratosphere: $110

Total additional value: $225 minimum

Drai's nightclub in Las Vegas
Drai’s Nightclub. Photo credit: Dr. Dylan Callier, DPT

3) Information

I attended 17 lectures that included education on Taxes, Resumes, and Pay packages.

Bring your notebook or favorite note taking app, because there is a mass of information to take in! And after 3 hours of sleep the night before, you’ll want to revisit that information later.

There are around 100 vendors for you to ask questions and get comfortable with your new favorite company/recruiter! These companies make it possible to have the event so be sure to stop by to ask any and all questions that you have before your first contract.

4) Vegas

If there was a way to experience Vegas, this is it.

The cost is low, you are a hanging with a group of individuals with similar lifestyles and you get to learn the nuances of the next step in your career. Grasp this unique opportunity and remember that what happens in Vegas…

Stratosphere observation point in Las Vegas
Photo credit: Dr. Kelli Berg, DPT, CSCS

About the author: Dylan Callier is a Doctor of Physical Therapy preparing for his journey as a medical traveler. Follow The New Medical Nomads Podcast as he shares his experiences and interviews others in the traveling field. Follow Dylan: Contact: dylan.callier@gmail.com, FB: https://www.facebook.com/dylan.callierIG: @dylancallier, Twitter: @dylancallier

Featured Image Photo Credit: Laura Latimer http://www.nomadicare.com

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