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Should I Return For Another Contract?

October 12, 2017
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Have you finished a contract and thought about working at that building again in the future?  Facilities have ongoing needs for travelers.  Occasionally, facilities will ask travelers to return for a another contract.  This could happen months or years after the traveler was initially there.

I believe a facility wanting you back is a major compliment to you! However, it can be difficult decision to make.  Some travelers want every contract to be a new adventure. For others, it may be nice to return to a familiar place.   Sometimes, in the crazy world of travel, you want something that feels familiar.

I was asked to return to facilities several times.  I almost always had an immediate gut feeling of what I wanted.  I returned to my first travel contract in 2010, two years later in 2012. At that time, returning to that job was a perfect match for what I wanted. Since then, I have been asked to return to other facilities and my gut feeling was always “no, but thank you for thinking of me”.

A few years ago, I had to think long and hard about returning to a building. I was three weeks into an assignment in California.  I had just completed a cross country move and was finally feeling settled. I was just getting oriented to my new job and new town. I actually knew my way to work without using GPS! (woo!)   Then it happened, I got a call from one of my favorite assignments, an inpatient rehab facility in Connecticut.  The facility asked if I wanted to return to work for them after my California job was over.

I was stumped. On one hand, I loved the CT job. It was inpatient rehab for strokes that had a brain injury unit.  The staff was highly trained in brain injuries and were an overall wonderful team. As a therapist, I got to go to rounds every other day and attended weekly patient care plan team meetings. The patients were wonderful and made great progress.

On the other hand, I came to California for an adventure. I was hitting my head against the wall on the east coast.  I wanted a change, wanted to get out. I wanted to explore California and not feel like I had to get out in three months. I barely unpacked my bags and the idea of leaving in two months was not sitting well with me.

So, what did I do?

I went with my gut. I passed on the Connecticut job and stayed in California. To make that decision, I examined WHY I was traveling.  My WHY was adventure. I wanted to explore the west coast and try something different. Ultimately, it was the best decision for me at that time and I do not regret it at all.

Deciding if you want to return to a building can be a tough decision.  As travelers, we are bred to seek new adventures.  My advice is to think about your “why”. Why are you traveling now, what do you want to achieve? Go with your gut! If something is telling you not to go back than follow that, you never know where life may take you next.

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