Speech Therapy Materials

As a Speech-Language Pathologist on the go I try to keep my therapy materials minimalistic and easy to transport. Here are some of my favorite speech therapy materials for cognitive-communication and dysphagia rehab.

Favorite Cognitive-CommunicationTherapy Materials

walc 1

Walc 1 – Aphasia Rehab

walc 2

Walc 2- Cognitive Rehab

walc 7

Walc 7 – Everyday Math

The Source for Aphasia Therapy

The Source for Dysarthria Therapy

apple ipad

Apple iPad

Deck of playing cards

These cards are 30 years old and a blast from the past, but I enjoy the conversations that they evoke.

Complex sequencing cards

Picture communication board

Favorite Dysphagia Therapy Materials

The Breather (Inspiratory/Expiratory Muscle Strength Training)

Resource Thicken Up

CEU’s on the Go


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