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The Best of the TravCon 2017 Exhibit Hall

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The Travcon 2017 exhibit hall was full of vendors wanting to market to travelers.  The majority of vendors were staffing agencies.  With over 100+ staffing agencies in one place, the competition to talk to travelers is high.  Thus, agencies had to step up their game to get noticed and interact with travelers.  Personally, I love going around to the booths, getting swag, talking to recruiters, and having fun playing games and being entered for giveaways.  I compiled a list of my favorite booths at TravCon 2017.

My Overall Favorite:

Next Medical Staffing

Next Medical Staffing by far had my utmost attention at TravCon.  Why?  Because they hired three massage therapists to give free 10 minute massages all day.  FREE MASSAGES, WHAT!!!  Not only were the massages great, but the staff at Next were warm and welcoming.  They made me feel comfortable as I waited around for my turn on the massage chair and were friendly and entertaining to interact with.  They also did not judge me of my friends for signing up for multiple massages.

Free massages with Next!

Best Photo Opp:

Medical Staffing Solutions

Medical Staffing Solutions always brings their A-game when it comes to photo opps at TravCon.  They traditionally rent a photo booth from Framster and bring fun props that you can incorporate into your pictures.  This year, they stepped their game up a notch by having two different photo backgrounds, one for each day of the conference.  I stopped by day one to get a more professional picture and then day two to get a silly “hangover” picture.  Immediately after the photo is taken, you can email it to yourself and share with friends!

“The Hangover” shoot day 2

Northern Lights scene day 1

Best Give Away

Host Healthcare

Giveaway: 3-Night Cruise for 2 with airfare included and a 3-night weekend San Diego Getaway (flight and hotels included)

This was a hard category to judge because there were so many AMAZING prizes at TravCon.  Multiple companies were giving away apple watches, GoPro’s, cash, Louis Vuitton bags, and vacations.  Fastaff was giving away a 7-night Caribbean cruise, so this was definitely a tough one to judge.

Host stood apart because they were offering two different grand prize trips.  As travelers, we love to travel, so I think that these prizes were the perfect giveaways for TravCon.  Come on, anytime somebody asks me what I want for a gift I say “a trip or money for a trip” and Host totally got that! Plus, I got to take a picture with their Instagram photo cut out. 🙂

Sharing my Host Adventure!

Most Practical Swag:

TotalMed Staffing

As I was picking up swag from tables, the thought often crossed my mind “do I need this?”  While I pride myself on being minimalistic and fitting my whole life into a couple of bags, I could not help but grab all of the free stuff that I saw in the exhibit hall.  There is just something about FREE + STUFF that makes me want to dump a bunch of pens and plastic sunglasses into my purse.

However, when it comes to awesome and PRACTICAL swag, I have to give praises to TotalMed. First, they were giving away Eos brand chapstick, which I love and use all of the time at home.  Then, they were handing out USB phone chargers and Bluetooth speakers.  Granted, you had to sink a pong ball in order to get the swag, but that can be done.  I already had 2 of their USB chargers from previous conferences (which I use ALL OF THE TIME) but actually went up to them in the middle of the conference and won myself ANOTHER charger because my phone was about to die.  You can never have too many phone chargers.  Hence, the most useful and practical swag.

Sink a ball to win a phone charger or Bluetooth speaker

Most Allied Health Friendly

Fusion Medical Staffing

TravCon is a conference for traveling healthcare professionals, however, the majority of attendees are nurses.  I realize that it can be difficult to justify bringing an allied recruiter into the exhibit hall if less than 10% of the attendees are allied. Props to Fusion Staffing for bringing their senior allied recruiter, Micheal Flynn, into the exhibit hall. He was the go-to guy to talk to allied travelers and answered many of our questions.  Plus, Fusion had an awesome colorful swag.  I am already wearing my new Fusion sunglasses and using the lip balm.

Senior allied recruiter, Micheal Flynn, with future traveling therapists

Best Tee Shirt

Focus Staffing


I admit that I was haphazardly grabbing tee shirts from booths and not thinking much about them.  It was not until I started packing and looking at everything that I realized how much thought really went into the tee shirt designs.  By far, my favorite tee shirt this year is from Focus Staffing.  Mainly because the statement on the shirt 100% applies to my life.  It also has their awesome hashtag on the front #Itsaboutthejourney. I wore this shirt around Vegas on Wednesday and actually received a lot of random compliments about it, so I know it is a crowd favorite as well.

Love this shirt!

Those booths were my favorite.  🙂 Comment below with yours.  I will end this post with some more fun pictures from the exhibit hall.  Until next year….

Feeling some alpha spirit with Wanda the pineapple from Wanderly Nurses

The staff at PPR Travel Nursing getting groovy with their 70’s swag!

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