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The Traveling Traveler has paired with Nomadicare to bring you vetted travel healthcare recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions received at The Traveling Traveler:

  • How Do I find a Good Recruiter?
  • How do I find a Referral for a Good Recruiter?
  • Can you connect me with 2-3 of the best travel healthcare recruiters that you know?

Want to know a secret: I have struggled with answering these questions!

My passion in the travel healthcare industry is travel!  I love the travel, the lifestyle, the people and the inspiration.  The mission of this blog is to INSPIRE you to travel and GIVE YOU RESOURCES on how to do it.  Personally, I do not spend time vetting recruiters and have used the same recruiter and company for almost 7 years of travel.

While I am more than happy to give you my companies information: Contact Me Here, I realize that one size does not fit all in this industry.  Every agency has different benefits, different contracts, and different personalities.  What works for me may not work for you.

This is why I am THRILLED to become an ambassador for Nomadicare!

Nomadicare is a company, owned by a veteran occupational therapy traveler, who vets recruiters and pairs them with travelers.  The recruiters here are not your average recruiters! Recruiters who have passed the interview and received the Nomadicare stamp of integrity will have gone through over two hours of interviews and vetting! They know the companies who have exclusive contract locations and benefits.  They use that information to help fill your needs and get to your dream location faster!



1. Nomadicare will match you via email with two recruiters who earned their stamp of approval. (Only 1 in 3 recruiters pass the interview- these guys are really amazing at their job. You will love the difference.)

2. You will be matched you based on the benefits and direct contract locations you need.

(Nomadicare will NEVER sell your information- this only goes to TWO recruiters that we have vetted who we believe are the best match for you- Nomadicare is NOT a “lead generation” website)

We will then text you Tuesday – Friday to learn what benefits and locations you need.

Ready to get connected?

Connect with Nomadicare!


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