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Ways to Meet Travelers on a Solo Trip

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The idea of traveling solo can be scary. However, not taking a trip because the scheduling or itinerary does not work with your friends and family can be an even scarier thought.  Traveling solo can be a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet others on the road.  I have met incredible people and have made lasting friendships while traveling solo.   Here are some helpful tips to meet travelers on your next solo trip from the amazing women at Travel-BFF.


Stay at a hostel

When traveling solo keeping a balance between being alone and having company is key. Even if you choose to travel alone on purpose and want to use that time to think or regroup you will still be experiencing times of loneliness. Therefore staying at a hostel can be a great way to meet people and avoid long times of solitude. You can opt to get a private room and still make connections by spending time in the common areas or signing up for group tours and pub crawls.



Take part in city tours

Many cities worldwide offer free walking tours, which allow tourists to find out about the sights from a local / tour guide without being bound to the group. It’s a nice and casual way to meet other travelers in the city and exchange ideas and interests about the destination. These encounters can end after the tour or lead to a nice dinner that you can have with your new found travel friends



Go to local meet-ups

A rather novel trend online is that websites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are now offering local events at which you can meet travelers as well as locals in your travel destination. Activities include everything from cooking classes to city tours to bar nights and can be chosen based on your likes. It’s very easy and most of the activities are offered for free.



Join a travel group

No matter what city you are visiting the likelihood that others have been before or are planning to visit is very high. Facebook can be a big help in finding these people. Join a local Facebook group that focuses on female travel, luxury travel or budget travel for the specific region or country you are visiting and ask if anybody is there at the same time or can suggest things to do or see. Groups like travelbff will then provide the information needed and you might even find a travel buddy.


Speak to locals

Believe it or not, while we are on a trip we can make a deliberate decision to meet locals or not to meet them. You will get to know a few in the city you are visiting by default, such as the receptionist at your hostel/hotel, the barista at your new favorite coffee place or the cashier in the supermarket around the corner. They all are from the region and depending on what you want to know about the city they will be able to assist or guide you. Don’t be ashamed and ask them for their favorite sights, foods, and interests. You will see that a lot of them will take the time to tell you about the city or even offer to show you around.



TravelBFF is a female travel community that connects women all over the world to travel together, share travel tips and inspire each other. Join the Facebook group to become part of the Sisterhood.

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