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3 Websites to Find Affordable ASHA-Approved Ethics Course

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If you’re a speech-language pathologist in the US who needs to renew your certificate of clinical competence (CCC), then you probably noticed that ASHA has changed its requirements to include an ethics course as part of the CCC continuing education maintenance. You might be wondering “Where can I take an ASHA-approved ethics course?”

Picture of the ASHA website certification maintenance overview including taking an ASHA-approved ethics course
Picture of the ASHA website certification maintenance overview

Here are 3 affordable websites I’ve found that offer an ASHA-approved ethics course:

  1. MedBridge
  2. SpeechPathology.com
  3. Bilinguistics

MedBridge and SpeechPathology.com are both membership/subscription sites while Bilinguistics offers a pay-per-course model. All 3 report, on their websites, that they are approved ASHA CEU providers and report CEUs to ASHA on a quarterly basis.


My first stop to find an ethics course was to look at my MedBridge subscription. As a MedBridge affiliate, I use MedBridge for many CEU hours and offer a discounted price to therapists who want to purchase. 

MedBridge has 2 courses that fulfill the 0.1 ASHA ethics course requirement. You can find them here: 

For SLPs, MedBridge costs $120/year (with my special promo “TravelTherapy”) to join for the year and with that membership, you can take as many CEUs from their library as you want; including an ethics course.


SpeechPathology.com is another all-inclusive provider of CEUs, similar to MedBridge. While I’ve never used their subscription service before, I found that it does include several ASHA ethics courses, which can be found here: 


An annual subscription to speechpathology.com is $99/year. This subscription includes unlimited courses from their library.


Bilinguistics offers multiple ASHA-approved CEUs and unlike the websites mentioned above, you can purchase the courses a la carte. Each course is $15/CE unit ($15 for an hour course) and can be purchased individually on their site.

$15/CE hour is a great price for a la carte courses and this looks like a great deal if you need an ethics course.

Finding your next ASHA-approved ethics course doesn’t have to be challenging and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It might be a part of a subscription service that you already have. If you know of other

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