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The Ultimate TravCon Packing Guide

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The Traveler’s Conference (commonly referred to as TravCon) is an annual conference of traveling healthcare professionals in Las Vegas.  TravCon is a 2-3 day event, although event participants are encouraged to go early to enjoy all of the attractions that Vegas has to offer. With a diverse schedule of events in a small time, you may be wondering what to pack for TravCon. As a participant of previous conferences, I put together the ultimate packing guide for TravCon.

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You could be tempted to pack for TravCon with a small carry-on bag. I actually discourage this.

While you might be able to get to TravCon with a small bag, getting home is going to be a lot harder.

Why? Because TravCon is full with free swag and giveaways. I highly recommend bringing a large bag or an extra bag with you to TravCon to bring your swag home with you.

NOTE: Las Vegas is full of crowds of unsuspecting tourists and can be a pick pocketer paradise.  When walking the strip and going to areas with crowds I would recommend carrying a bag that has full closure and that you can keep in a place that is not accessible to thieves, i.e. under your shoulder or in front of your body. Unfortunately, I have been pick pocketed in Vegas.


You do a lot of walking at TravCon and will want to be comfortable. My #1 rule of packing for TravCon is to pack comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, pack layers. It can be very hot outside and very ice cold from the AC inside.

The actual attire at the conference is very personalized and there is not a strict dress code. It’s technically “business casual” but you can anything from scrubs and leggings to a dress and suit.  

Wear something to the conference that you feel comfortable meeting other professionals in and wearing to meet and greets directly after the conference.

For the evening, I recommend bringing outfits more suited for a “going out” vibe. Because, the final night of the conference is an epic afterparty at a rooftop bar; Drai’s.  The afterparty attire is dressed up/semi formal and always has an “un-official theme”. The themes are for fun and you participate in it or not.

I would recommend bringing 3 business casual outfits along with comfortable shoes for walking. I think it is best to look professional as you will be mixing and mingling with other travelers, recruiters and influencers in the travel healthcare industry.

TravCon packing list:

  • 4 business casual outfits to wear during the days
  • 1 sweater or light jacket
  • 1-2 pairs of comfortable shoes for the conference
  • 2 outfits for traveling days prior and after the conference
  • 1 glam outfit and shoes for the afterparty
  • Underwear/socks
  • 2 nighttime outfits for going out Sunday and Monday nights
  • Swimming suit if you plan to hang out by the pool
  • Toiletries/makeup/razors/bath items
  • Chargers/Electronics/Portable chargers
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
  • Optional: Bring your resume if you want to get it reviewed for free at their resume center.
Evening wear at the after party

What Not to Pack for TravCon

  • Body soaps and shampoo. This is available at the hotel (Unless you prefer a specific brand)
  • Hair dryer – also available at the hotel
  • Uncomfortable clothes or shoes. You will be moving and walking a lot during the day.

If this is your first time at TravCon or you are a returning traveler I hope that this guide helps you to decide what to pack and you come prepared for an awesome conference!  Comment below with anything else that you are planning to bring.

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